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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I love Greek food!!! One day when it was cold and rainy and my body needed warming up, I decided to create my own Greek Lemon & Chicken Soup or

Avgolemono in Greek. I am so happy I did because this turned out so good.

I like a lot of flavor. Plain and boring just isn't my style. This creation of mine is anything plain and boring as you will see. Through out this recipe I will give you my best tips and tricks and even more important I will help you to customize this to your liking.

Greek Lemon & Chicken Soup With Feta Herb Topping Mama Julie Style
AKA Avgolemono In Greek

Ingredients You Will Need:

Pasta Topper

1 cup orzo

chicken broth - enough to cook the pasta in or water

Olive oil - flavored or unflavored

Garlic Salt ( I use Lawry's Garlic Salt )

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

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