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Welcome my 

fellow foodies

of all levels!!!

Welcome to my culinary creative arena!!

My name is Mama Julie and I have been 

cooking for a long time and it has been

my dream to start my own website 

and YouTube channel revolving all

around food & fellow foodies!!! 

After spending over a year with severe health problems and finding no answers, I decided to look into the ketogenic or low carb life style.  I transformed from having such severe joint pain, that I could barely walk and being weeks away from being placed in a wheel chair and gaining weight constantly from my inability to move to being 99% pain free, dropping weight consistently ( down 6 pant sizes so far ), and now I run around like a kid again!!! 

I would love to share with you the recipes that I used to accomplish this.  My journey is not done yet and I would love to share my story with you and hear about yours too!!!

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