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Frothy Caramel Chocolate Keto Coffee Mama Julie Style

Frothy Creamy Caramel Chocolate Keto Coffee

Check out the video below to see just how I do this. I am much better at showing people how to make things than writing about how to do something!!!

To make this coffee you can start with any coffee you want. The one my family seems to like best for this recipe is the Keurig Green Mountain - Caramel Vanilla Cream shown below.

Now to make the creamy caramel topping you will need the following:

2 cups of heavy whipping cream - The organic varieties tend to have less carbs in them.

1/2 tsp. vanilla stevia drops

1 1/2 tsp. Caramel stevia drops

1 Tbsp. ( heaping Tbsp. ) heavy cream powder or dried whole milk powder

1/4 cup sweetener of your choice, I used Swerve confectioners.

These are some of the products that I use.

The purpose of the heavy cream powder ( or whole milk dried powder ) is to stabilize your whipped cream so you can use it for several days. I have had mine last for around 3-4 days. I am not sure if it will last any longer, because my family eats it up by then.

Combine the ingredients in a mixer or in a bowl and whip until firm peaks form and its a nice thick consistency. See the video for a few tips on how to whip cream.

I and my family could easily drink several of these every day!!!

To make the chocolate topping you will need the following.

1 square of your favorite chocolate ( low sugar low carb if your doing keto )

1/4 tsp. vanilla stevia drops

3 Tbsp. of heavy cream ( more or less depending on how thick or thin you want it )

I put the above ingredients in a small glass microwave dish or pyrex dish and melt it for 20-30 seconds. Remove with an oven mitt from the microwave as it gets very hot and stir immediately. It will become smooth and creamy as you stir it. If you want it thinner for any reason add more cream.

Now you guys know that I love to make large batches of things ahead of time to make life easier, however this chocolate keto sauce is not one of them, as chocolate does not like to be heated over and over again. So I just make a tiny batch of it every morning. It is not a problem because its super easy and very fast to do.

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