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Smoked Ribeye Steaks With Whipped Horseradish Cream Sauce!!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

For Your Steaks:

Ribeye Steaks

Lawry's Garlic Salt

Horseradish Cream Sauce

2 cups heavy cream

1 heaping Tbsp. Dried Milk Powder ( * see below )

1 Tbsp. A1 Steak Sauce

1 Tbsp. Lawry's Garlic Salt

2 Tbsp. Mild Creamed Horseradish ( or more if you want )

2 tsp. onion powder

fresh ground black pepper

You will also need if you want:

butter melted with a little garlic in it to drizzle on top

fresh herbs of your choice to garnish

For the cream sauce ( I recommend you watch the video ! ) Add all your Horseradish Cream Sauce ingredients into a mixer with the whipping attachment or into a large Pyrex bowl ( I like to cover it with press n seal, cut a hole in the top and use the mixer through the hole in the Press n seal - ya really gotta see the video on this one !! ) Whip all the cream sauce ingredients together until stiff peaks form.

* The dried whole milk powder has very few carbs in it, however if you would like even less you can use a dried cream powder that I found on Amazon. Now I use either one and don't worry about that degree of carbs, however if you want too, I will post a picture below of the dried heavy cream powder so you know what I am talking about.

The dried whole milk powder or heavy cream powder stabilizes the whipped savory cream sauce. By doing this, it allows you to store the sauce in the refrigerator for later use. You an make the cream sauce ahead of time if you have company coming over or for use during the week. My family eats this sauce on so many things, I have even seen them slather this on hamburgers or they roll up slices of roast beef filled with flavored cream cheese and dip those rolls into this sauce.

Now for the steaks, my favorite way to prepare them is by grilling them and using my smoker maze that Joe from Joe's BBQ House turned me onto!!! Here is a link to his YouTube Channel in case you want to learn more from his as well !!!

This is what the smoker maze looks like. This has been a game changer for me. I don't want to use my large smoker all the time. A large smoker is a lot more work and a lot more clean up…but this is so easy and you can get just a touch of smoke if you want or a really strong smoke flavor that isn't a problem either!!!

Check out my video for instructions on how to cook the steak and how to use the smoker maze!!!

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