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Orange Creamsicle Cocktail - Keto Friendly

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I made up this cocktail one day when I had friends coming over for a BBQ. I wanted to enjoy myself but not totally go crazy with sugar/carbs. I am really happy with how this turned out and every time we have a BBQ this is the number one drink that gets requested.

The way I make this cocktail it is about 5 carbs. Below I will share some ways to make it even less if you should choose. I am currently on keto and loving it, I am pretty disciplined about staying on the program. I have earned a lot of health benefits and weight loss results from being on this program. I don't have full blown cheat meals because I have learned what feeling really good is like and I don't like to loose that. However, when I do feel like

having a controlled cheat meal this is one of the things I treat myself too!!!

It is the alcohol that makes this a controlled cheat. If you want to turn this into a "mocktail" and leave out the alcohol you can have this drink every day without any problems.

If your not on keto then you do you and eat and drink whatever you want!!!

This is my most popular cocktail at parties I have ever made!!!

Orange Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe ( Keto and Non Keto Info )

Keto Ver

sion & Info

Fill your glass with ice. Pour in the orange flavored soda of your choice. You can use either Zevia orange soda ( more expensive but probably healthier ) and if you want it a beautiful orange color you will have to add a little food color, or you can you use diet orange Crush ( less expensive option ) and it will already be orange.

You can use either Zevia orange soda or diet Crush.

Add in SweetLeaf Vanilla Creme stevia drops ( picture below ). I like to add about a half a dropper full. I would encourage you to test out exactly how much you like. Stir in the vanilla stevia drops and top your glass off with heavy whipping cream. You can serve it with the cream stirred in or leave it on top, whichever presentation you think is prettier.

These vanilla cream stevia drops are an excellent resource for numerous cocktails.

Now for some carb information. Pinnacle Whipped for 1 oz is approx. 5 carbs and 1.5 oz is 7.5 carbs. I use 1 ounce in every drink which would make every drink 5 carbs. If you have two like me that would be a total of 10 carbs. Some people will not agree with using the Pinnacle whipped at any time while doing keto however I can say that on occasion I do and I have remained in ketosis. For the 4th of July I had a beautiful rib eye with bacon butter a side salad and 2 of these drinks. I didn't feel deprived at all and it didn't stall my weight loss. If however you desire to reduce the carbs even further you might want to try Smirnoff Whipped Cream vodka which for 1 ounce should have zero carbs. I haven't tried this yet …but for the sake of culinary science I am willing to experiment on myself ( for the good of humanity LOL ) and try it out. As soon as I do I will report back to you with any pro's and con's !!! Stay tuned !!!

I have yet to have anyone not like this cocktail!!! Its a crowd pleaser for sure!!!

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