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How To Roast Chilies Like A Boss!!!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

My easy method for roasting chilies and preserving them will have you in chili

heaven in no time !!!

Mama Julie's Roasted Chilies - Easy With Great Results!

No matter which way you choose to roast your chilies the first thing you want to do is wash them and allow them to dry. You don't want wet chilies on the BBQ or in the oven. The next thing you want to do is prepare you container that you plan to use to put your chilies in once they are roasted. I like to use a pyrex glass bowl and on top of this I use several sheets of press and seal to create a cover.

If you prefer more visual style of learning feel free to check out my video.

There are many methods you can use for roasting your chilies. The method I prefer is on the grill outdoors. If you choose to use a grill, all you have to do is place your washed and dried chilies on the grill ( high heat ) and turn them occasionally until they are charred or "blistered". You can see an example of a perfect char or blistering in the photo above. If you choose to roast your chilies in the oven, all you have to do is take a cookie sheet and line it with aluminum foil. This is so clean up will be easier. Pre-heat your oven on the broil function at high. You can not walk away from the chilies no matter which method you choose. Check them frequently and turn them often as well. Another method is using the open flame on the top of your gas stove. This is my least favorite way for several reasons. One reason is you can not do large batches at one time. If you only wanted to roast a couple chilies this might be the ticket for you.

Once they are done, place them in the pyrex bowl that you have covered with press and seal. Allow them to stay in the bowl until they have cooled at least enough so that you can handle them. If you want to spread this process out over one day, feel free to allow the chilies too cool in the fridge over night.

Not all the chilies will be done at the same time. As each chili is done, I put it in the pyrex bowl and close the cover.

Note: If you work with hot chilies or even mild ones ( if you have sensitive skin ), make sure you wear gloves when you are ready to process them.

Now I am sure you have seen people put their roasted chilies in a paper bag. This isn't my favorite method and the reason is that when the chilies are resting they release their liquid which contains their chili flavored oil. I like to save this beautiful flavored liquid for recipes. If you use a paper bag you will loose this nectar from heaven LOL !!!!


TIP: One thing I do to help in the kitchen is I only buy the black kitchen towels. They are easier in that they don't get stained as easily. They are much easier to clean and easier to clean means saved time.

TIP: When you are ready to peel your chilies, put down a black kitchen towel and then on top of that towel layer 5-10 sheets of paper towels. This makes things easier because once the top layer gets dirty all you have to do is remove it along with all the debris and throw it away. Win Win !!!

This method saves time and makes peeling chilies much easier.

I use Ziploc containers to freeze my chilies in. The chilies should last 10-12 months in the freezer but most likely ( just like me ) you will use them up long before their time runs up.

I label and date mine with my brother label maker. I don't mind doing this because these labels will actually stay on the container even after going through many cycles in the dish washer. I hang on to the labeled containers and once I get enough empty ones I know its time to roast more chilies. Then I just change the part of the label that includes the date.

I hope you enjoy fresh roasted chiles for you and your family too!!! I am working on a series of recipe videos using roasted chilies so keep in touch with me if you want to see those.


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